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What can Surgimap do for you?

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    Preview, select, & import images into your Surgimap database.

    Possible sources of images include digital storage device (CD-ROM, USB key, hard drive...), PACS system, 3rd party databases, or other Surgimap Databases. Image formats supported by Surgimap include DICOM as well as other standard formats (such jpeg, jpeg2000, Tiff, png ...).

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    Simulate potential outcomes & select implants

    Simulate surgical tools like osteotomies, screw-implants, and interbody devices to estimate interventional procedures. Once satisfied with the potential outcome, use Surgimap’s case details accordion to select vendor specific implants for the case.

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    Share your case plans with medical professionals

    Save time and money by allowing medical professionals to collaborate on cases. Have an approved surgical plan for the OR by granting your medical professionals the option to edit case details, add case images, and adjust measurements.

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