• Bernat Sierra

    Junior Software Developer

    Bernat is a junior Software Developer who has been working in the industry for the last 2 years in two different international companies. He has focused on software development and design in different languages.

    Bernat is a self-taught person and sure of being able to take on any challenge that may arise. Also, he is very cheerful and passionate, who loves teamwork. So, he has an ambitious and an insatiable impetus to continue improving.
    He has proven experience with the following technologies:

    • Programming Languages: C++/Qt/Qml, Java, Python, Javascript, PHP, HTML and XML.
    • Database: MySQL and NoSQL database
    • Environments: NetBeans, Qt and AWS Cloud
  • Gemma Puig

    Senior Full Stack Developer

    Gemma Puig is a senior Full Stack developer with knowledge in C++, Java, Python, R, Javascript, C#, HTML, XML and QML. She has extensive experience in the design and development of the User Interface and User Workflow to improve usability and the user experience. However, in her latest projects, she has been primarily focused on code refactoring to improve the internal software architecture.

    Gemma is a committed team player and extremely methodic on her work. She loves new challenges and strives for quality and efficiency.

  • Laura Pons

    Senior Software Developer

    Laura Pons is a Senior Software Developer with experience in embedded systems as well as on multi-platform solutions. She has been working on several projects over the last years, with different timings, toolings and project dimensions, which gave her the adaptability to move from relatively small agile-based projects to big long-term approaches, and the ability to learn and integrate new technologies and switch to different working environments.
    From the personal skill set, Laura is a dynamic analytical thinker, with good interpersonal skills, oriented to find solutions to meet the project expectations.
    Programming Languages: C/C++, Qt, QML, Python, Javascript, CAPL, Assembler,Bash, MATLAB and VHDL.

  • Marc Vila

    Senior Software Engineer

    Marc is a Senior Software Engineer mostly focused in C++/Qt/Qml. He has been working in

    the medical industry for the last 10 years in many different international projects but mainly for imaging and visualization solutions. He has primarily focused on software design and development activities on both front-end and back-end sides, he has also contributed on the requirements side of projects among other activities. Marc is a person who is always willing to receive feedback and learn new skills, he is a great team player but he can also lead individually a project. He is not afraid of committing to new challenging projects with strict deadlines as he feels comfortable under pressure. 

    Technologies: C++, Qt, Qml, ITK, VTK, CUDA, OpenCV, Boost, Javascript, Python and Matlab. 

  • Natalia Cebrián

    Senior Software QA Engineer

    Natalia is a Senior Software QA Engineer, with 5 years of experience. She has worked in both large and small companies, in different fields such as medical, financial and others, testing websites, iOS app, and Desktop app. She has also started doing automation for Desktop apps. She has also helped in customer support, helping solve customer’s problems, also working as a PO for small iOS projects, defining tickets, sprint plannings, and releases. 

    She is a very proactive worker, willing to learn new things through challenges. She is a team player. 
    Natalia has experience working on the following technologies:

    • Programming Languages: Python (Squish), Java, C
    • Tools: JIRA, Zephyr, Zendesk, qTest, Bitbucket
    • Agile methodologies. 
  • Peter Loggie

    QA Automation Specialist

    Peter is a QA automation specialist who has been developing software for 15 years, having spent the last 10 focusing on the challenges of automation. He has worked in companies both tiny and huge, with experience in finance, government and healthcare.

    Peter enjoys the teamwork aspect of software development and loves using technology and training to lead teams to ever-greater levels of performance. Passionate about technology, he remains hands-on in the delivery of solutions that are designed to increase both developer productivity and business value.
    He has proven experience with the following technologies:

    • Python, Ruby, Javascript, Java – whether it’s developing a website, testing backends, or creating reporting tools
    • Databases: both SQL-based (Postgres, MySQL) and no-SQL (MongoDb)
    • Devops: Docker, Ansible

New York

  • Carlos Calderon

    Senior Software QA Engineer

    Carlos is a Senior Software QA Engineer with 8 years experience in the full-cycle of developing a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from e-commerce platforms to banking software projects. He has been focussed within the medical field during the past 5 years and has strong experience designing test strategies for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop applications.

    He has extensive professional experience in analytics, high-level problem-solving skills and product management within an Agile environment. 
    Proven experience with:

    • Meeting with the software/product designers to determine and oversee quality assurance and performance parameters.
    • Implementing testing procedures and overseeing the QA process.
    • Troubleshooting quality issues and modifying test procedures.
    • Conducting analysis checks on product specifications.
    • Ensuring the successful deployment of products into the market.
    • Responding to requests from the design team and management.
    • Cross-platform testing / Release validation testing /  API test strategies.
    • Managing and directing offshore teams: test planning and distribution of tasks.
  • Conner Adams

    Data Scientist/Machine learning Engineer

    Conner is a data scientist / machine learning engineer who has experience working with every phase of data science development. This includes establishing ETL infrastructures, training and validating machine learning / deep learning models, productionalizing learned applications, and exposing key data insights. He has worked predominantly in the medical imaging space but has a skillset that is adaptable to any field.
    Some key technologies in which Conner is proficient include:

    • Python (numpy, scipy, pandas), R (ggplot2, lme, lmer), SQL (MySQL, SQLAlchemy).
    • Deep Learning (Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, OpenCV) and Machine Learning (scikit-learn).
    • Data Visualization & Dashboarding (Matplotlib, Bokeh, Plotly, ggplot2, AWS Quicksight, Tableau).
  • Ivon Tarazona

    Senior Full Stack Developer

    Ivon is a Senior Full Stack developer with over 10 years of accumulated experience in Web and Standalone applications. She has worked in several projects on several areas of expertise that has given her a strong set of skills and knowledge not only in the design and development phase but also in the analysis requirement and the software maintenance.

    Ivon is very proactive and always willing to think ‘outside the box’ keeping in mind the objective. She thinks that there is always a solution for challenges and she will work very hard to find and implement them.
    She has proven experience with the following technologies:

    • Java, C++, QT
    • GWT, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Struts, Spring Boot.
    • Angular, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Typescript, Jquery.
    • Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Raul Macule

    Software Engineer Manager

    Raul is a Software Engineer Manager who has been working in the industry for the past 13 years. He has dedicated his entire career to the design and development of medical software, with a broad understanding of imaging, data collection/analysis and UI/UX design. Additionally, he has concentrated on product management and contributed to decision-making activities within corporations.

    Raul is a very interactive and hands-on manager. He is committed to his team and works with each and everyone to achieve excellence in any task. He has a high standard of professionalism and proficient business acumen.

    He has proven experience using the following technologies:

    • Programming Languages: C, C++, Qt/QML, Java, MATLAB, Python
    • Database engines: MySQL, SQLite
    • Infrastructure: AWS Services (EC2, S3, RDS)
    • Medical related: DCMTK, DICOM, HL7
  • Xavi Paez

    Software Engineer

    Xavi is a Software Engineer with 3 years of experience building Desktop Applications and 2 years of experience in development and design of native mobile applications for iOS and Android utilizing cross platforms development tools. 

    Besides software development skills he has strong professional experience in data analytics. 
    Experience in the following technologies:

    • Languages: C++, C#, Swift 
    • Api(s) and Frameworks: QT, Xamarin

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